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International Collaborations and Travel

International collaborations and travel

Collaborations provide opportunities for sharing information and foreign travel in some instances. It is important to understand export control regulations and travel restrictions when facilitating collaborations with foreign entities.

Traveling outside the United States for professional reasons may require a license. This can depend upon:

  • the destination (whether it is an embargoed country)
  • the equipment or information that you will travel with or share

In general, if traveling to a country without sanctions to conduct fundamental research or present information that is or will be published or publicly available, you will not need a license. These activities typically fall under the Fundamental Research Exclusion.

Sanctioned countries

Travel to most countries will not require a license. If traveling to a sanctioned country, you will likely need a license. For a complete and current list of sanctioned countries, visit the U.S. Department of the Treasury: Sanctions Programs and Country Information page.

Contact us to determine licensing requirements as soon as possible.

Licenses can take up to a year to obtain.

Are you bringing equipment or data?

Export controlled equipment can include scientific equipment, laptops, PDAs, GPS, proprietary or complex software, software with encryption technology, prototypes, materials, components, hardware, or samples.

Export controlled data can include technical data, proprietary data, restricted data, unpublished data or data about export-controlled technologies.

When traveling, minimize risk by taking a clean laptop or mobile device and leave unnecessary and unpublished research data at ASU. If researchers have access to export controlled information, it is important that they do not discuss or disseminate this information abroad. Researchers can freely discuss only fundamental research information that has already been published or publicly available.

The Export Control Wizard can help determine if any equipment or data is export controlled. Contact us to determine licensing requirements as soon as possible.

Travel authorization letters

Employees must comply with U.S. laws and regulations when traveling internationally on Arizona State University business. Travel authorization letters are given upon request to any students, faculty and staff traveling internationally. These letters are highly recommended for travel related to export-controlled projects. To request a travel letter, contact us.

Travel warnings

ASU strongly recommends against, but does not prohibit, travel to countries where the U.S. Department of State has issued an official Travel Warning, or where there is other reliable information of significant health or safety risks. The final decision about making a trip to such a country is up to the individual making the trip; however, ASU reserves the right to require the execution of an appropriate release or waiver before permitting such travel. For additional information about traveling abroad, visit ASU's Global Operations website. 

Additional safety information