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Conflicts of Interest

Conflicts of interest

IMPORTANT - MyDisclosures in ERA is the designated platform for researchers to submit disclosures.   More information can be found on the MyDisclosures page.    

Arizona State University’s (ASU) Office of Research Integrity and Assurance (ORIA) promotes a culture of compliance and ensures compliance by upholding the principles of free and unbiased inquiry, the transfer of ideas and technologies for the benefit of the public, and stewardship of the resources entrusted. ASU recognizes that faculty and employees are increasingly engaged with private industry and are building complex relationships with private companies. ASU expects all employees to be alert to both real and perceived financial conflicts of interest. Individuals may not, in their university roles, act in ways that would reasonably appear to give them (or their families or household members) privileged access to financial or other material benefits.  

ORIA’s policies, processes and system to declare financial or other relationships with outside entities ensures compliance with all university, sponsor, ABOR, federal, state, local laws and regulations and effective to not create situations that are, or appear to be, in conflict with the values of free and unbiased inquiry.

For questions on financial conflicts of interest, contact