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All research conducted under the auspices of Arizona State University involving recombinant or synthetic nucleic acid molecules or the use of infectious agents must be registered with the Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) whether exempt from federal regulation or not. The IBC is required to review each proposed project and certify that the procedures, project, personnel, training, and facilities are adequate and in compliance with the federal guidelines. Contact the coordinator of the IBC at least one month prior to beginning work.

Please note that if you plan to transport any hazardous materials in connection with your research, you must first have appropriate training and certification as outlined on the EH&S web site. Laboratory Registration is available at

Training information can be viewed at

For information on how to sign up for Biosafety training, please select the Training and Workshops on this page.

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EH&S Services Biosafety Program


If you conduct such research, please contact or:

Kirk Ryden

Compliance Specialist

Mail Code: 6111

(480) 727-5617

(480) 965-7772 - fax


Samantha Augustowski
Compliance Specialist
Mail Code: 6111
(480) 965-4796
(480) 965-7772- fax


Chantelle Shalley
Assistant Director
Mail Code: 6111
(480) 965-4387
(480) 965-7772- fax