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Adding Entities to ERA

Adding Entities to ERA

Investigators adding new sponsor/funding source/organization in the Enterprise Research Administration (ERA) system may find that the entity they are trying to add does not exist.  To add a new sponsor/funding source/new organization in the ERA, additional information is required to ensure that a complete record of the entity is filed correctly in the system.  To ensure that complete information is provided, please see the options below to add an entity to the ERA.

If you don’t find the Sponsor/funding source/new organization on your list, you have 2 options –

a.     please reach out to your Research Administrator so they can add it to the ERA portal by following instructions in the link below


b.     you can add the Sponsor/funding source/new organization by accessing the email link here and providing the requested information.  Please note that “Country” is a required field.  The email will be sent to Knowledge Enterprise Data Analytics requesting that a new Sponsor/funding source/new organization be added to the Enterprise Research Administration (ERA) system.

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