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Training Requirements

Human subjects: training information

Required training for researchers

All researchers and study team members conducting human subjects research at ASU must complete training before being approved to work on a project.

Only individuals who are engaged in research need to be listed as a study team member and need to complete CITI Training. We define “engagement” as being involved in any of the following activities:

  • obtaining informed consent of a human subject for research
  • data collection (unless they are collecting data as part of their normal job and are not involved with the research project beyond their ‘job’ - for example, a hired phlebotomist or professional transcription service)
  • data storage or access to study data
  • data analysis

If you have questions about whether someone is engaged in research, contact us.

Online CITI training (Required)

ASU provides IRB training through a third-party called CITI Program. Complete one of the following, depending on the type of research being performed:

Click here to be taken to the bottom of the page, where instructions for logging into Citi IRB Training are located.

  • IRB - Biomedical Research (Group 1) - complete this training if your research includes medical procedures, athletic procedures or studies health outcomes
  • IRB - Social & Behavioral Research (Group 2) - complete this training if your research involves social and behavior techniques such as interviews or surveys

If you are unsure of which training to complete, discuss with your faculty mentor or contact us.

CITI Program training is valid for 48 months. 

IRB courses are different from the Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) courses. Only the courses that begin with "IRB" count toward IRB training requirements.

Transferring from another university

ASU often accepts IRB training that was previously completed through another institution (either CITI training or an alternative). Please upload a copy of your certificate of completion with other study materials when you submit your IRB study.

Additional training opportunities (Optional)

ORIA conducts in-person outreach to increase understanding of human subjects research protections and the IRB process:

Institutional Review Board (IRB) Basics

Learn everything you need to know about obtaining IRB approval for your human subjects research in this interactive workshop. Presenters will discuss the purpose and function of the IRB, requirements for approval, how to navigate the online submission system (ERA), and how to submit for review. A portion of the session will be devoted to audience Q&As and specific topic.  Sessions are one hour in length and are held during fall and spring semesters. View the schedule of upcoming workshops or register for a session in Research Academy.

Effectively Engaging with Tribal Communities and Working on Tribal Lands

The Office of American Indian Initiatives and the Office of Knowledge Enterprise Development will host a discussion on effectively engaging with tribal peoples and working on tribal lands. The seminar features faculty, researchers and administrators speaking to the history of ASU’s research enterprise and relationship with tribes, the state of Indian Country in Arizona, an examination of the cultural review process for working with tribes and on tribal land, and unique considerations for working with tribal populations. Register for a session in Research Academy.

Classroom presentations and events
The IRB also provides in-person outreach presentations that can be tailored to a specific class or topic.  These sessions are based on availability of IRB staff.  To schedule a workshop, contact us a minimum of one week prior to the class or event.

Individual Assistance
Investigators who prefer individualized instruction can also make an appointment with IRB staff for one-on-one consultations on a wide variety of topics ranging from navigating the ERA to working through complex protocols.  To schedule a consultation, contact us.

Instructions to log into CITI 

To complete the training in CITI, click here to view these login and enrollment instructions.