Research Integrity and Assurance


Biosafety: forms and templates

New/renewal disclosure forms

  • EHS112:  Infectious Agent Disclosure – for active research with biohazardous materials other than select   agents or select toxins

  • EHS112S:  Storage Disclosure – for storage of biohazardous materials, not select agents or select toxins, that are not actively being used

  • EHS112C:  Select Agent Disclosure – for research or storage of select agents or select toxins

Modification forms

  • EHS112M:  Modification - used to modify any aspect of an existing approved disclosure

  • Universal Personnel Modification – used to modify personnel on approved IBC disclosure and IACUC protocol simultaneously

Annual review form

  • EHS112AR:  Annual Review – required annually for all disclosures

Occupational Health Surveillance Program form

Additional forms


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