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EHS 112: rDNA/SNA Infectious Agent Application Form - for work with biohazardous materials other than select agents

EHS 112C: Select Agent Application Form - for work with CDC Select Agents and Toxins

EHS 112AR: Annual Review Form - required annually for all disclosures

EHS 112M: Modification Form - to submit changes to any classification of biosafety disclosure

EHS 112S: Storage of Infectious Agents Form - for permission to store biohazardous materials


Universal Personnel Modification Form - to add or remove personnel on a biosafety disclosure and IACUC protocol simultaneously

Catalog of Organisms Form


Templates to assist in completing forms:

Biological Waste Handling Procedures Template

Spill Template

Note: All forms and materials must be complete and submitted at least
two weeks in advance of the IBC meeting date.  Late submissions will be
reviewed the following month.