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University Laboratory Safety Award

University Laboratory Safety Award

Are you making your lab a safer place to work? You could receive an award to advance your efforts.

The ASU Laboratory Safety Committee, in partnership with Knowledge Enterprise and Environmental Health and Safety, is calling for applicants to enter the 2022 Laboratory Safety Innovation Award competition. The competition recognizes innovative implementation of a research or teaching safety program and acknowledges outstanding involvement of a principal investigator, staff or student and support of senior administrators who demonstrate the shared commitment to the safe and responsible conduct of research in a laboratory or academic setting.

The University Laboratory Safety Committee is interested in looking for innovative ways to improve the culture and safety practices at ASU. We are pleased to announce a call for proposals to the Safety Innovation Award program. This program will award proposals that integrate enhanced safety practices into our current research and teaching activities. 


  1. Two competitive Sparky Awards to improve research and academic safety practices for a $2,000 grant, one for research and one for teaching or other academic enterprise, and
  2. Four Graduate Student / Post-Doctoral Research Awards for research implementation of a safety practice ($500 each), two for research and two for teaching or other academic enterprise.

Who Can Apply?

Awards are available to ASU faculty, staff and students working within a research laboratory and those responsible for academic programs involving safety may apply.

A laboratory is defined as a facility or room where the use of potentially hazardous chemicals, biological agents or sources of energy (e.g., lasers, high voltage, radiation) are used for scientific experimentation, research or education. 

Submit an application.

Sparky Award Application, $2,000

ASU faculty, staff and students can apply for this award here. The Award Committee, comprised of ULSC voting members will review and rank the applications. The application will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Proposal to develop and/or implement an innovative program or process within your laboratory or academic environment to significantly improve safety culture. This program or process may be discipline-specific or one that could be more broadly implemented.
  • Each applicant will complete a proposal including an innovative safety plan that has been or will be implemented in their program or process and which will be reviewed by the award committee. The proposal should include enough details on how this plan will be implemented and evaluated in a one-page summary. Include details on how your innovative safety program or process could be shared with other ASU community members to improve their safety. 

Graduate Students/Post-Doctoral Researchers Award, Grant, $500

  • Applicants are invited to submit a one-page proposal for a new, not currently implemented program. The proposal should outline the plan to increase the safety culture within their unit for a teaching submission. 

ASU graduate students and post-doctoral researchers can apply here. The Award Committee, comprised of ULSC members will review and rank the applications. The application will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Proposals can include other ASU community resources (e.g., Researchers, Environmental Health and Safety (EHS), EHS Compliance Officer (CO), and/or unit safety committee). 
  • A recommendation by the unit CO and the unit director must be submitted with the proposal. If the unit does not have a designated CO, the unit may volunteer a new CO, in consultation with the unit director, to fulfill this requirement.

The applicant/lab must:

  • Have developed and/or implemented an innovative program or process to significantly improve ASU lab safety culture.
  • Include details of the innovation safety plan that has been implemented, demonstrate the efficacy of the plan or program, and include how the innovative safety program or process was or can be shard with other ASU community members to improve the culture of safety.
  • Include letters of support by the unit director, compliance safety officers or others who are aware of and can confirm the innovation. 


Application deadline - April 29, 2022 at 5:00 PM
Final selection – May 3, 2022
Announcement reception - Week of May 9, 2022

Apply to the Laboratory Safety Innovation Award.

For questions about the award, contact Deb Murphy at