Question 1

Question 1: Is the research proposed fundamental in nature?
Please consider the information below before you answer. 

Fundamental Research means basic and applied research in science and engineering, where the resulting information is shared broadly within the scientific community.

The Fundamental Research Exclusion applies only to the dissemination of research data and information, not to the transmission or shipment of material goods or equipment.

The Fundamental Research Exclusion IS DESTROYED IF the university accepts any contract term that:

  • Restricts the participation of foreign persons;
  • Authorizes the sponsor a right to approve publications resulting from the research; or
  • Limits or restricts participation in research and/or access to and disclosure of research results.

A project that involves technology with military applications or one that could be considered dual-use is high risk for export control restrictions. If you are have questions, please complete the wizard or contact ORIA at to request an export consultation and to discuss your initial determination.

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