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Training in the Use of Live Animals at ASU

Becoming an authorized animal user at ASU

In order to use any live vertebrate animals at ASU, all faculty, staff, graduate students, and undergraduate researchers must:

  1. achieve certification in the animal care and use training program, and
  2. receive clearance from the Occupational Health and Safety Program.

The only individuals allowed to work with animals without meeting these requirements are students enrolled in a formal ASU course (i.e., has a university course number; e.g. BIO361) that includes the use of live animals.  In such courses, the students are directly supervised by the instructor or teaching assistant, both of whom must be listed on an IACUC protocol.  Individuals receiving live animal training from other researchers or from DACT personnel must be on an ASU protocol before receiving that training.

Certification levels

ASU animal training is broken down into three levels.

Level I is required of all animal users, animal handlers, and IACUC members, and it covers the rules and regulations regarding animal use at ASU and alternatives to animal use. Learn more about the Level I requirements. Recertification is required every 4 years.

Level II is required of all animal users and animal handlers who come into direct contact with live animals. This training is species specific, and each user must be certified for each species of animal with which he or she will work. Recertification is required every 4 years.  Learn more about Level II requirements.

Level III covers specific procedures performed on animals and involves hands-on training by individuals who have extensive experience with the procedure being taught. Learn more about Level III requirements.

Level I and Level II certification tests are completed via online modules. Level III training should be scheduled with a DACT veterinarian or a researcher with extensive experience with the given procedure. If you need assistance or additional information, contact the Office of Research Integrity and Assurance at 480-965-4796

The following training modules can be accessed Click here to access training modules.:

  • Level I - Basic
  • Level II - Amphibians/Reptiles
  • Level II - Birds
  • Level II - Chinchilla
  • Level II - FIsh
  • Level II - Horses
  • Level II - Macaques
  • Level II - Marmosets
  • Level II - Rabbits
  • Level II - Rodents
  • Level II - Wildlife Mammals
  • Optional - Anesthesia/Analgesia of Rodents
  • Optional - Aseptic Surgery of Rodents

Level II Cat and Level II Dog are currently being offered in an alternate format.    Alternate training format can be accessed by contacting  Please specify which species you will be working with when requesting training.

Optional training resources

• Workshops: Workshops are periodically provided as part of the Responsible Conduct in Research (RCR) series that is available throughout the academic year. Check the RCR Workshops schedule for the most current offerings.

• PowerPoint presentations: Previous PowerPoint presentations can be viewed by clicking the titles below.

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee’s Structure and Function