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ASU, as an institution, does not engage in classified work on campus.  On occasion, however, access to classified materials may be necessary.

If an employee is requested by an outside agency to obtain a security clearance, the facility security officer should be contacted for assistance.

Security clearances may be required for an individual to perform certain types of research at contractor facilities.

If an employee receives classified materials, the facility security officer must be contacted immediately. Materials must remain intact and unopened.

In the normal course of a sponsored project, certain aspects of the work may develop in such a way that classification may be required by the federal government. In these situations, the principal investigator (PI) must notify the facility security officer immediately. This requirement does not include the development of processes or procedures for commercialization of patents.


ASU Classified Research Policy RSP404

RSP 404 Management Group Procedures

DOD Initial Security Briefing

Annual Refresher 2015


For other questions concerning classified research or security clearances contact:

Debra Murphy, Director

Office of Knowledge Enterprise Development
Mail Code: 6111
(480) 965-2179
(480) 965-7772 (FAX)