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BackgroundEffective January 1, 2009, NSF requires that all proposals that include a postdoctoral researcher on the budget include a description of mentoring activities that are planned for that postdoctoral researcher.  This mentoring plan must be included in the "Supplementary Documents" section and will not be counted against the page limit for the Project Description (this is a change that became effective in April 2009.  Below is an excerpt from the NSF Grant Proposal Guide:
Mentoring Requirement for Postdoctoral Research Fellows – Postdoctoral Researcher Mentoring Plan
– Each proposal that requests funding to support postdoctoral researchers must include, as a supplementary document, a description of the mentoring activities that will be provided for such individuals. In no more than one page, the mentoring plan must describe the mentoring that will be provided to all postdoctoral researchers supported by the project, irrespective of whether they reside at the submitting organization, any subawardee organization, or at any organization participating in a simultaneously submitted collaborative project.


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