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Data Management Plans

Guidelines for effective data management plans

Many federal funding agencies, including NIH and most recently NSF, are requiring that grant applications contain data management plans for projects involving data collection. To support researchers in meeting this requirement, ORIA is providing guidance on creating such plans.

Elements of a Data Management Plan

The list of elements was prepared by the University of Michigan Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Science (ICPSR). Elements that are highly recommended for inclusion in effective data management plans are noted.

Framework for Creating a Data Management Plan

This framework takes the form of a list of elements with issues and questions to consider and examples for each element. Also included is information on why each element is important and suggestions for additional reading.

Data Management Plan Resources and Examples

These sites provide guidance and recommendations on creating data management plans.
List of resources
List of federal agency policies

Other Data Management Plan Examples

These examples span a range of natural science disciplines.
Preparing Data management Plans for NSF

Sample Data Management Plan for Depositing Data with ICPSR

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Data management plan resources

Federal agency policies on data management and sharing