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The IACUC is supported by the Office of Research integrity and Assurance which is located at Centerpoint, suite 315

The Arizona State University Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) is committed to overseeing an animal care and use program that provides a humane and compliant environment for animals and supports the research and teaching programs of our researchers, instructors, and students.

Research and teaching involving live vertebrate animals conducted under the auspices of ASU is reviewed by the IACUC in compliance with federal regulations. Protocols describing the animal use in detail must be submitted to and approved by the IACUC before animal use can begin.

Additionally, all personnel involved in the care and use of research or teaching animals must complete required training and receive clearance from the ASU Occupational Health and Safety Program prior to having contact with the animals.

Briefly, the protocol review process entails:

  1. Completion and submission of an IACUC protocol form. The IACUC staff or the attending veterinarian should be consulted if there are any questions. The protocol form should be submitted electronically to
  2. The submitted protocol will be forwarded to the Attending Veterinarian for a veterinary pre-review. The veterinarian will work with the Principal Investigator (PI) to complete this review.
  3. Once veterinary pre-review is complete, the Chair will assign one of the committee members to serve as the Primary Reviewer. The Primary Reviewer may contact the PI if there are questions or comments.
  4. The PI or a designee familiar with the protocol must attend the IACUC meeting at which the protocol will be reviewed by the full committee.
  5. If the committee requires additional changes to the protocol, the PI must revise the document and resubmit it to The work proposed under the protocol cannot begin until final approval is received from the IACUC office.

All changes to an existing protocol, including changes in personnel, species, number of animals, and procedures must be approved by the IACUC before being implemented. All protocol change requests must be submitted to the IACUC using the Request for Changes Form. The review process for protocol amendments typically follows that described for protocols. However, minor changes may be approved by more expedited processes as determined by the Chair using the guidelines set forth in the IACUC Policies and Procedures Manual. For example, addition of personnel may be administratively approved by the Chair, and small changes in animal numbers or procedures may be approved through a Designated Reviewer process. This latter process includes a vet-preview as well as review by a single committee member appointed by the Chair, but does not require full committee review at a convened IACUC meeting.

IACUC contacts:

Karen Kibler, Chair
(480) 727-0457
Mail Code: 5401

IACUC Administrative Support: Provided through the Office of Knowledge Enterprise Development (OKED)

Debra Murphy, Senior Compliance Advisor, Office of Knowledge Enterprise Development
(480) 965-2179
(480) 965-7772 - fax
Mail Code: 6111

Chantelle Shalley, Assistant Director, Office of Research Integrity and Assurance
(480) 965-4387
(480) 965-7772 - fax
Mail Code: 6111

Samantha Augustowski, IACUC Compliance Specialist
(480) 965-4796
(480) 965-7772 - fax
Mail Code: 6111

For complaints or concerns about animal care at ASU please contact any of the IACUC staff by phone, mail, or email at All complaints or concerns are kept confidential and may be reported anonymously. An additional source to contact is the ASU Campus Safety and Compliance Hotline at (877) SUN DEVL (877-786-3385).