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Scientific Diving Forms

  • AAUS Diving Injury/Incident Report Form: MS Word | PDF
  • AAUS Request for Diving Reciprocity Form: MS Word | PDF
  • ASU/AAUS Checkout Dive and Training Evaluation: MS Word | PDF
  • ASU Diving Medical Exam Overview for the Examining Physician: MS Word | PDF
  • ASU Diving Medical History Form: MS Word | PDF
  • ASU Medical Evaluation of Fitness for Scuba Diving Report: MS Word | PDF
  • ASU Scientific Diving Application and Resume: MS Word | PDF
  • Diving Emergency Management Procedures: MS Word | PDF
  • Guidelines for Use of Dive Computers: MS Word | PDF
  • Medical History Questions Evaluation Form: MS Word | PDF
  • Safe Ascent Recommendations: MS Word | PDF
  • Selected References in Diving Medicine: MS Word | PDF