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Code of Conduct

Arizona State University (ASU) is dedicated to ensuring that all of its faculty, staff and students maintain the highest level of ethical conduct. All employees are responsible for complying with University, Arizona Board of Regents (ABOR) policies, Federal Law and State Statutes. There are regulatory and policy requirements that the institution is obligated to follow and in some circumstances implement specific programs. Specifically ABOR Policies 5-301 and 5-303 define the conduct expected and the consequences of noncompliance. 

The Office of Knowledge Enterprise and Development, in partnership with other administrative units, has developed this Code of Business Conduct and Ethics Program that describes policies governing the ethical conduct expected of all ASU employees. The program includes the ASU Code of Business Conduct and Ethics Manual which summarizes the various policies and departmental function areas that oversee the ethical conduct policies that are to be followed. The program also includes a training curriculum, provided through Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI), as an online training resource.  This federal requirement applies to ASU and individuals who are involved in federal contacting above the $5 million dollar threshold.  

Training Resources

The Code of Business Conduct and Ethics Program training is available to individuals interested in the ethical conduct policies and procedures. Individuals from units involved with federal contracting are required to take the training. The ASU units involved include:

  • Office of Research Integrity and Assurance
  • Office for Research and Sponsored Projects Administration
  • Financial Services
  • Office of Human Resources
  • Purchasing  and Business Services

The training program has two components of which you may take advantage:

  • Code of Business Conduct and Ethics Manual which is posted here for your review, and
  • Online CITI training designed specifically by ASU in conjunction with the Manual including a brief comprehension test

Once you have completed the online training, a record of completion will be generated and retained to document compliance. Click here: to get started and follow the instructions listed below. 

CITI Training Directions

CITI Training: Code of Ethical Business Conduct
1. Click on New Users Register Here (If you are already registered with CITI, login as prompted and proceed to step 10)
2. Select Arizona State University from the Participating Institutions drop down box
3. Create your Username and Password (Please use your asurite login for your username and password)
4. Select a security question and provide an answer
5. Enter your first and last name
6. Enter your email address
7. Check No for CME/CEU credits and select your professional affiliation from the drop down box
8. Select yes or no depending on whether or not you would like to complete a course survey – SUBMIT
9. Complete member information – SUBMIT
10.Under select curriculum, take the Code of Ethical Business Conduct Training Curriculum under Question 3 – Submit