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Classroom Animal Use

The university recognizes students' rights of conscience which may pertain to animal dissection or vivisection. By the IACUC's review and approval of animal protocols for teaching, the University also recognizes the right of instructors to use animals in the laboratory for whatever purposes they deem appropriate to the course's instructional goals.

It would appear prudent to ascertain in any class (laboratory) which requires animal use as part of the laboratory whether any student has a personal and strong objection to carrying out the required assignments. To this end, the University Animal Care and Use Committee, with the concurrence of the Vice Provost, recommends that all instructors take appropriate steps to ensure that students are able to exercise their conscience with respect to using or not using animals in this educational experience.

We recommend that

  1. the instructor make explicit that the course involves animal use and the nature of that use;

  2. if deemed appropriate by the instructor, the veterinarian may be invited to address the class on aspects of animal use;

  3. the instructor clearly state why any possible use of alternatives to animal use provides a less effective education experience or why alternatives are not possible; and

  4. this discussion occur during the period of unrestricted withdrawals from classes.

We also request that instructors provide information to students regarding the role and function of the IACUC in education animal care and use. The IACUC is established to oversee and evaluate the animal care and use program at ASU to ensure that it is managed in compliance with applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations, such as the federal Animal Welfare Regulations, or AWRs (CFR 1985), and Public Health Service Policy on Humane Care and Use of Laboratory Animals, or PHS Policy (PHS 1996).